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The Gold Standard in Bone Densitometers & DEXA/DXA Scanning

The Horizon DXA system is the latest in densitometry technology, but the dual energy X-ray does more than just measure bone density. The Horizon DXA system has features for a complete fracture risk assessment and more.

High Resolution DEXA Scanner

High-resolution ceramic digital detectors array featuring ultra fast, high output, low noise ceramic detectors that provide better bone mapping and images.

High Frequency DEXA Scanner

High frequency dual energy X-ray source that is smaller and lighter than previous generations.

Dynamic Calibration™ system

Dynamic Calibration™ system, delivering real-time pixel-by-pixel calibration through bone and tissue equivalents for greater long-term measurement stability.

OnePass™ Single-Sweep Scanning

Designed to eliminate beam overlap errors and image distortion found in rectilinear acquisition techniques that delivers superb image quality and precision.

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Tony Orlando - Dexa Plus - dual energy xray absorptiometry DEXA scanner

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